2020 / 108m - China
Drama, Crime
Wu Hai poster


December 28, 2021


A mix of arthouse and genre that is reminiscent of the later films of Zhangke Jia. I can't say I'm the biggest fan, but director Ziyang Zhou is clearly in control of the material, and it does result in some impressive scenes. Sadly, they're scattered around in an otherwise somewhat aimless film.

Yang Hua and his girlfriend are going through some rough times. They've grown apart, and Hua's financial worries only seem to make things worse. He has debt collectors chasing him, his business partner is unwilling to pay back a failed investment, while a looming pregnancy puts even more pressure on their relationship.

The cinematography is nice, the soundtrack is solid, and so are the performances. Wu Hai is a film without obvious weak points, but its meandering plot and relatively weak characterization make it difficult to get truly invested. It's not a bad film, just one that left me pretty cold, save a handful of standout moments.