Also known as
Chung Mo Yim
Hong Kong [2001] - 123m
Comedy, Fantasy
Directed by
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October 18, 2008


A pretty neurotic To/Ka-Fai collaboration. The duo is taking situational/cross-dressing comedy to the next level in Wu Yen. It's far from my favorite type of humor, but when it is done with this kind of intensity it does become quite intriguing to behold. I can't say I kept full track of everything going on, but it sure was amusing to watch.

Mo-Yim is destined to marry the emperor, before her marriage, she frees a fairy from captivity. The fairy is grateful, but she also falls madly in love with the emperor. In order to stop the marriage, the fairy disfigures Mo-Yim, but she isn't willing to just give up on her destiny and she comes up with a plan to keep the marriage going.

The result is a court comedy with lots of ploys, misunderstandings and people dressing up as other people. The performances aren't that great and not all the jokes land, but the pacing is solid, and the chaos is pretty fun to watch. It's not one of To's better films, but as simple comedy filler there's enough to look forward to.

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