2003 / 100m - Japan
Action, Crime
Yakuza Demon poster


September 17, 2005


One of Miike's quality Yakuza epics. Shorter and less confusing than Agitator, but very much in the same vein. That means Miike keeps the crazy out of it, instead focusing on the characters and their somewhat intricate web of relationships. Yakuza Demon brings crime cinema with limited action elements, one for the hardcore Yakuza fan.

Seiji, Yoshifumi and Muto form a small clan within the Date family. They're a very tight group, but when the Date group get tangled up in a big conflict with competing families, de Muto clan is appointed to clean up their mess. Reluctant, they oblige, knowing they at least have their own back at all times.

Quite a few Miike familiars here, with a spectacular Riki Takeuchi spearheading the film. The characters are pretty interesting, the action scenes are intense, and the Yakuza conflict offers the necessary drama. The film also features a pretty remarkable soundtrack, which is certainly not the norm with Miike films. Good stuff.