Yakuza no Hakaba: Kuchinashi no Hana
1976 / 97m - Japan
Crime, Action
Yakuza Graveyard poster


December 15, 2021


So far, I've mostly avoided Kinji Fukasaku's 70s Yakuza films. It's not really a preferred niche and the films I did sample didn't really do it for me. After a couple more positive experiences with Fukasaku's classic work, I was willing to give it another go. Yakuza Graveyard was a name I recognized, so I simply went with that one.

The story is a pretty basic tale of Yakuza and their dealings with the local police. When a young cop is transferred, he is eager to make a good impression, and he isn't scared to get a little rough to get the desired results. When faced with his corrupt colleagues and his love for an ill-reputed woman, the young transfer starts to question his ethics.

What stands out the most is Fukasaku's dynamic cinematography. The camera jerks and twirls, giving the action scenes quite a bit of flair. The Yakuza/police drama on the other hands feels not as well-developed, which sometimes slows the film down unnecessarily. Not as bad as I'd feared, but I prefer the more contemporary Yakuza films.