2020 / 130m - Japan
Romance, Drama
Yarn poster


May 10, 2021


Takahisa Zeze goes full in on the romance with Yarn, though before he allows his characters the relief they are so desperately yearning for, there's a lot of drama they'll have to wade through first. It's a pretty typical film, elevated by a competent director and a more than capable cast.

Ren an Aoi literally bump into each other when they're still kids. The two hit it off, and it's immediately clear they are meant for each other. But Aoi's home situation is hardly ideal, and before the two can properly hook up, Aoi flees her home, leaving Ren behind. It's the start of a long journey where fate will actively work against the reunion of the two.

Zeze deliver a rather typical romantic drama, but with Komatsu and Suda in the lead it's a lot easier to capture the audience's attention. The plot is decent, the cinematography is clean and the soundtrack, though borderline sappy, does what it's supposed to do. A very good film, there's just nothing that makes it truly great.