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Japan [2009] - 111m
Action, Adventure, Fantasy
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December 12, 2009


Miike makes films, regardless of target audiences, regardless of his own reputation. There is nothing he won't do, and the more he tries the more my belief grows that there's literally no genre or niche he can't tackle. Yatterman is a film for younger audiences, but with some typical Miike winks that make all the difference.

I'm not familiar with the Yatterman franchise, but I got some serious Pokemon/Team Rocket flashbacks while watching this film. It's really aimed at younger kids, with its very colorful sets and props, over-the-top characters and silly plot, but that doesn't stop Miike from taking it a little further whenever he sees an opportunity (the scenes between the robot and the dog stick out).

The CG is a bit too simplistic, while the style doesn't call for realistic CG I felt a little extra polish would've raised the overall quality. It's also quite long considering how little plot there is and if you're looking for something age-appropriate (and you're over 20) than this isn't going to go over well, but damn it's so silly, fun and entertaining that I didn't mind at all.

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