1987 / 105m - Mali
Drama, Fantasy
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October 22, 2023


African fantasy film, that comes off pretty bland and uninspired. The mix of local folklore and fantasy sounded promising enough, but we're talking film here and the presentation is absolutely subpar. Holding the camera still and horizontal is about as far as this production managed to take things.

A young boy gets into rough waters with his father. The boy possesses magical powers, but his father is also a skilled wizard, so he flees in order to escape his father's revenge. He travels through different countries to find his uncle, hoping he can help him escape the wrath of his father.

I'm not sure where the folklore ends and the fantasy begins, but I never really cared too much for the plot, so, in the end, it didn't even matter that much. The styling and presentation are disappointing, the pacing is slow, and apart from its African roots, there's nothing here to set it apart. I expected more from this.