Shi Shen Ling
2021 / 113m - China
Fantasy, Action
The Yinyang Master poster


December 29, 2021


Not quite as good as that other Yinyang film. Both are based on the Onmyōji franchise, but where Guo's film was an adaptation of the book, Weiran's film is based on the game adaptation. The result is a slightly more childish and kitsch film, though fans of Chinese fantasy will still find quite a bit to enjoy here.

After the human and monster worlds are separated, a team of gatekeepers is formed to prevent anyone from crossing over. The Snow Queen is planning a coup, eying the Scaling Stone that will help her conquer the human world. One of her minions steals the stone, but loses it again on his way back.

There's too much CG here, and the quality isn't always first-grade, despite the film's budget. A bigger problem is that the fantasy designs aren't all that inspired. The action is pretty solid though and the pacing is on point. A decent enough Chinese fantasy film, but with the budget and talent available, they should've done better.