USA [1974] - 106m
Directed by
Mel Brooks
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July 14, 2021


Brooks' homage to the Frankenstein films of yore. The film is set up as a vintage Brooks comedy, but the jokes are so incredibly predictable and worn out, that this film really only works as a love letter to the horror films of the past. It does a pretty decent job at that too, but then you really have to like those films in the first place.

Frederick is the grandson of Victor von Frankenstein. He's a gifted scientist, but feels hampered by the legacy of his grandfather. When he inherits his grandfather's castle, curiosity gets the best of him, and he sets out to explore the place. There he finds a hidden laboratory and a diary with instructions.

Wilder doesn't do overacting very well, the jokes are moldy and the film well outstays its welcome. I have to say that the cinematographer did a solid job making it look like a vintage horror classic, but it's a style that doesn't do much for me. It's as much a remake as it is a homage, making this film pretty redundant. Not good.

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