2022 / 95m - UK
Romance, Comedy
Your Christmas or Mine? poster


December 06, 2022


Finding a proper (not even good, just proper) Christmas film nowadays is hell. There's a slew of cheaply produced Hallmark-like nonsense that is flooding the market, making it much harder than needed to watch something moderately decent. For those with similar issues, rest assured that Your Christmas or Mine is a pretty safe bet.

Hayley and James are both spending Christmas at their respective homes. They both get the same romantic idea to spend Christmas with the other person, so James ends up with Hayley's family, and Hayley ends up at James'. They find out they haven't been entirely honest with each other, but they also learn a lot about each other by spending time with each other's families.

This film isn't anything special or out of the ordinary, but Butterfield and Kirk are adorable, the snowy Christmas setting is appropriate and the secondary characters provide some welcome chuckles. Basic Christmas filler, but in a sea of bottom-of-the-barrel crap, it's actually somewhat of a gem.