1998 / 119m - USA
Romance, Comedy
You've Got Mail poster


August 26, 2023


Famous late-90s romcom. I watched this ages ago, no doubt a choice of my parents. I didn't remember too much, the only real big selling point of this film was the fact that email had a prominent role in the plot. Back then, this cinematic nod to technology actually meant there was some social relevance to this phenomenon (oh, how life has changed).

Joe and Kathleen are both in separate relationships, but they are also online pen pals. Their friendship slowly blossoms, what they don't know is that they are going to be competitors very soon. Joe is opening one of his major bookstores, very close to Kathleen's small, vintage bookshop.

The problem with this film is that both characters are pretty bland and unlikeable. I wasn't rooting for either of them, let alone their relationship. The vibe is pretty light and the pacing is decent, even though the film is too long, but that's hardly a positive when the core of the film is completely broken. Not good.