Z.O.E 2167 IDOLO
2001 / 55m - Japan
Animation, Sci-fi, Action
Zone of the Enders: 2167 Idolo poster


November 24, 2022


A pretty generic sci-fi anime. There are traces of Evangelion here, which is pretty understandable, considering the immense success of that franchise. But Zone of the Enders doesn't do a lot with its references and fails to add anything meaningful of its own. People looking for some mecha action won't be too disappointed though, just don't expect anything more.

Earth looks down upon its space colonies, and slowly friction starts to build. When a group of Mars soldiers gets into trouble with some of Earth's troops, they are reassigned to a different project. What they don't know is that they'll be testing a new type of mech. One that supposedly syncs with its driver. It's a potentially formidable weapon, but it can also drive people insane.

The animation is pretty mediocre, the mech designs aren't the most inspired and the drama fueling the story is generic at best. But the pacing is alright and there are some proper action scenes. It's all pretty bare and basic, also very forgettable, but it's not the worst kind of filler and I still found a few things to enjoy here. Your mileage may vary.