musical journey pt4

The list finally peaks as this week's batch will reach a beatmashed climax. Beats and breaks will ravage the existing musical landscape and rape everything that comes too close. Expect loud, noisy and hard tracks with a definite sense of humor, bringing a jolly ensemble of pop-infused hard electronics.

Album cover compilation

After last week's batch of banging techno we continue with some deflated hardcore, quickly moving up into the realms of pop-infused breakcore. Once the pop influences fade, all that remains is a banging rage of breakcore tracks that will smash the dancefloor and will thunder far beyond the protection any wall can offer.

For reference, here are links to the previous parts of the list: 01-10, 11-20, 21-30

  1. 031. The Hitsquad - I Would Like You 2 Come

    The Hitsquad cover art

    Music dating from the first real hardcore recession. This track was one of the first to pave the way for the darkcore revival, sporting dried out melodies, flat basses and a raspy overall feel.

  2. 032. Peaky Pounder - Iskea On Puu

    Peaky Pounder cover art

    Peaky Pounder is the clown of darkcore, as he mixes happy tunes, sounds and melodies with deflated basses and distorted noises. Great party music if you like dancefloor tracks with harder beats.

  3. 033. DJ Scotch Egg - Scotch Hausen

    DJ Scotch Egg cover art

    The man who makes music using his gameboys. And, it must be said, manages to create some very cool tunes with them. Scotch Egg is the front runner of the 8bit-core scene, serving chaos with a big smile.

  4. 034. Cardopusher - In The Power of XTC

    Cardopusher cover art

    South-American breakcore containing huge injections of pop music. Listening through a Cardopusher album is like seeing the charts raped by breakcore antics. Great party music that's still pretty easy on the ears.

  5. 035. Balthazar Boma - Mess-Aaaaja

    Balthazar Boma cover art

    The high of samplecore, taken from a Scooter tribute album. A perfect clash of pop, old rave and chaotic breakcore, bouncing all over the place and firing up good-tempered music with manic beats and breaks.

  6. 036. Kvintricks - Silver Sessions

    Kvintricks cover art

    And because they are so much fun, another Belgian samplecore entry. Guess the original artists won't appreciate it much, but put on a headset and enjoy the stereo trashing of some rather dubious pop.

  7. 037. Shitmat - That Goats Skull Ain't No Good ...

    Shitmat cover art

    Honoring pop and rave in the UK is left to Shitmat, Britain's most prolific breakcore artist when it comes to mashing together a bucket load of samples. Loud, noisy and great fun.

  8. 038. Cakebuilder - Book Of The Dead

    Cakebuilder cover art

    Leaving the pop samples behind, we enter the terrain of the more straightforward, dnb and hardcore influenced breakcore. Cakebuilder is a leading artist, providing cute tunes and raging beats for the dancefloor.

  9. 039. Babylon Disco - Bleed

    Babylon Disco cover art

    Starting of with dnb influenced breakcore and ending up somewhere around manic beat hell, Babylon Disco's work is highly energetic while still containing plenty of smile-inducing insanity.

  10. 040. Mr Kill - Voodoo Magic

    Mr Kill cover art

    Slightly coming back from complete chaos to leave it at a blistering fast breakcore/hardcore hybrid, Mr Kill is a French highpoint of dancefloor breakcore, blasting beats into oblivion.

next week ... more to come

So that was it for this week's batch. Next week we'll descend the beat ladder again, swimming through a stream of darker, faster and meaner hardcore tracks, to arrive at the frontier of a quality trance selection.