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Alive and kicking


An anthology film that wears its meta humor proudly on its sleeve. From the very beginning, it's made abundantly clear that Scare Package is by and for horror fans. If you're not too familiar with the tropes of the genre, it's best to just ignore this one for the time being, until you feel confident enough to pick up on all the horror geekiness.

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The problem is that this isn't the first film to go so meta, in fact the meta itself has become a trope of horror/comedies. So as with most genre films, it's the execution that counts, and that's where things falter. Performances are rather poor and the overall quality is pretty uneven, though for an anthology featuring mostly unknown directors, that was to be expected.

The first two shorts are nice enough, so is the finale. They're not outstanding, but the comedy works and the horror is quite over-the-top. The middle shorts slow things down though and without any real standout material, the film at least one short too long. Overall it's not too bad, but it feels just a little lazy.