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Top Knot Detective

2017 / 87m - Australia
Top Knot Detective poster

A very amusing mockumentary on a fictional 90s Japanese TV show. McCann and Pearce are clearly fans of the material they're spoofing, showcasing a good grasp of what makes Japanese entertainment stand out. On top of that, the documentary aspect of the film is well realized too.

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Top Knot Detective is an infamous TV show that was cancelled after just a short period on air, garnering a strong cult following in the years after its cancellation. The star of the show is Takamoto, a self-professed artist who wanted to handle every aspect of the series himself, ultimately landing himself into a lot of trouble.

The presentation is appropriate, actors do a stellar job, the kitsch level of the production is right on point and most jokes hit the mark. It does get a little repetitive after a while and the mockumentary aspect of the film wears a little thin in the final 30 minutes, but otherwise it's pretty amusing and entertaining.