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The Lost City

2022 / 112m - USA
Adventure, Comedy
The Lost City poster

That film that came out after Jungle Cruise. It's difficult not to compare both films and conclude this one is the lesser of the two. The result is still a somewhat amusing, albeit daft and silly comedy adventure with some famous faces and plenty of money to burn, but that's about it really.

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Loretta is a writer of pulpy adventure novels. Her books sell well, but since the death of her husband Loretta hasn't been the same. She plans to quit writing, but then a wealthy Brit kidnaps her and forces her to uncover one of the secrets she wrote about in her book. Loretta's fantasy adventures are about to become real.

Pitt is pretty funny, Tatum is okay, Bullock is out of her element. It's a shame then that she's the lead character and that Pitt isn't around for very long. The film could've been shorter, the comedy a bit snappier and the adventure a little more exciting. It's not terrible, just very basic entertainment.