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2014 / 96m - France
Timbuktu poster

A film about the abuse of religion. It's a pretty interesting topic and there are some unique takes here, but as a whole, the film feels a little disjointed. The lighter tone makes the subject palpable, but it never quite feels right. And for a film that is relatively short, there are a few too many moments where I lost interest in the characters and the underlying themes.

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The people in Timbuktu are living a relatively quiet and peaceful life, when suddenly Jihadists show up and forcefully implement the sharia. Their lives change overnight, and even though the takeover isn't too violent, the people of Timbuktu aren't ready to accept these new rules willingly.

Religion vs religion. One as a means of guidance and strength, and the other was a way to oppress and control. There are some poignant scenes, the performances are solid and the setup is intriguing. A more focused story and a tighter audiovisual experience might've helped, but as it stands, I had a difficult time getting fully engaged.