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Dinner in America

2020 / 106m - USA
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A quirky little comedy. The setup, with two unlikely people coming together and forming a close bond, isn't all that original, but the particulars make it less obvious than it sounds. There's a little drama and romance in the background, but the dry comedy takes center stage and defines the tone of the film.

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Simon is a young delinquent on the run from the cops, and Patty is a young woman unable to fit in with society. The two run into each other in a back alley, and Patty takes Simon home, offering him a place to stay while he hides from the police. As they spend more time together, a friendship starts to blossom.

The performances are on point, the comedy is a little crude but funny. It takes a few stabs at American stereotypes, without being too stereotypical, which is a nice surprise. The soundtrack is pretty interesting and the pacing is solid, though the film could've been a tad shorter overall. Good stuff.