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2021 / 92m - USA
Intrusion poster

A very plain and predictable thriller. The biggest twist when seeing a modern thriller like this is that there isn't an actual second twist. The film is so adamant on revealing its mystery early on that it's hard to believe director Salky was actually serious about it. It makes the entire second and third act flat and pointless.

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Meera and Henry just moved into their new home. Henry is an architect and designed the house himself. Not long after, they come home to find someone has broken into their house. Henry installs an alarm system, but a couple of nights later the thieves return, hoping to find what they were looking for.

The presentation is actually pretty decent. Nothing spectacular, but the camera work and soundtrack have their moments. A film like this hinges on its mystery and suspense though and there's very little of that here. Way too predictable and nonsensical, something you might've gotten away with 40 years ago, nowadays, it's just silly.