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It's been a while since I've watched a Thai film. The premise of Deep sounded interesting enough, and it was readily available, so it was an easy choice to make. Sadly, the result was a little disappointing. While there's a lot of potential here, the somewhat weak and juvenile vibe doesn't work in the film's favor.

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Jane is a medical student who takes care of her little sister and her grandma. She's short on cash, which prompts her to enter an experimental study in exchange for a payout. The goal is to stay awake until a chip implanted in her neck gathers enough qratonin. The experiment is not without danger and together with three other students, she tries to reach the goal.

What might've been a fun sci-fi thriller, gets bogged down by childish characters, some rather nonsensical twist and a seemingly poor portrayal of Thai youth culture. One has to wonder why a film like this needed 5 directors, then again that aptly explains the uneven direction. It's a shame, because there's definitely potential here, if only we could've seen more of it.