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Get the Gringo

2012 / 96m - USA
Action, Thriller
Get the Gringo poster

Rambo: Last Blood

2019 / 100m - USA
Action, Crime
Rambo: Last Blood poster

The latest Rambo film is a strange little beast. It starts as a crime drama, it ends like Home Alone on steroids. The Rambo angle is negligible and hardly makes any sense, but I guess this is just Stallone trying to bank on former glory. I'm not sure he was very successful, but at least you get a fun and over-the-top finale out of it.

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Rambo has finally settled down, after taking custody of a young Latina girl. She is aching to meet her biological father and when Rambo isn't very cooperative she takes off on her own. She meets up with her dad in Mexico, but the encounter isn't a big success. To make things worse, she is kidnapped by a gang that drugs and pimps out young women.

The intro is way too long and dramatic, Stallone still can't act even if his life depended on it and the plot moves in mysterious ways. The setup of the finale is incredibly silly too, but I will admit that the finale itself was a lot of fun. Blunt and ridiculous, but that's exactly what I expect from a film like this. It's a shame the rest of Last Blood didn't really deliver.