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Red Dot

2021 / 86m - Sweden
Red Dot poster

A decent Swedish thriller. While it's not a film that offers much in the way of originality (some feeble attempts are a bit too transparent), it's a pretty fair genre film that delivers the goods for those looking for a bit of solid, old-fashioned "people hunted down in the wilderness" fun.

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After some introductory relationship drama, our two protagonists leave on a trip to the mountains to mend their relationship woes. After a run-in with some local hillbillies they continue their journey, but their first night camping in the wilderness a red dot appears, holding them hostage and driving them further away from civilization.

Performances are decent and once the survival part of the film starts it gets pretty entertaining, but some less than stellar twists and a somewhat sluggish finale hold the film back. The balance between drama and thriller elements feels just a little off, apart from that it's a short, sweet and well-paced filler thriller.