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2017 / 88m - USA
Action, Thriller
Security poster

A very simple, basic action flick. It's a shame Desrochers isn't a little more ambitious here, because there are clear signs that this film could've been better. Instead, Desrochers seems to be taking the easy way out wherever possible, settling for a run-of-the-mill genre flick that amuses, but nothing more.

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Banderas is an army captain who can't land a job after coming back from the war, on top of that he is suffering from PTSD. A desperate plea to a job consultant lands him a job as a security agent, but things don't go as planned on his first night on the job. Obviously they didn't put much effort into the plot.

The film looks decent enough, but the action scenes could've used a little extra effort. Desrochers does well building up the tension though and the film is trimmed down to perfection, the only thing lacking is something that would set it apart from similar films. It's a pretty fun diversion, just not all that memorable.