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Worthy but flawed

Mississippi Burning

1988 / 128m - USA
Crime, Drama
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Plain forgettable

Pink Floyd: The Wall

1982 / 95m - UK
Animation, Fantasy, Music
Pink Floyd: The Wall poster

While I respect the concept, the execution is quite poor. I'm not a fan of the music, which of course doesn't help things along, but it's the overly dramatic and often very literal footage that kills a lot of the potential. There are some interesting moments, but these are few and far between. Only watch if you like Pink Floyd.

Big nopes

Angel Heart

1987 / 113m - USA
Horror, Mystery
Angel Heart poster

Midnight Express

1978 / 121m - UK
Midnight Express poster

Famed prison classic, based on a real-life event. While the Turkish setting gives the film a flavor of its own, Parker's direction is so dull and uninspired that it kills the film. Mediocre performances, an extended running time and murky visuals make this film an ordeal to sit through. Not really worthy of its status.