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Killing God

Matar a Dios
2017 / 92m - Spain
Comedy, Horror
Killing God poster

What a lovely surprise. A dark comedy about a disjointed family who receive a surprise visit from a strange little man who claims he is God. Quirky from the beginning until the very end, wonderful performances, charming cinematography and an original take on an amusing subject. It's as if Álex de la Iglesia and Jean-Pierre Jeunet had a baby.


2023 / 109m - Spain
Nowhere poster

Pintó's latest is a fun little survival thriller. It's a little over-the-top and it would be smart to prepare yourself for a film that isn't all that realistic, but it's this cheeky larger-than-life edge that makes the film stand out. It's certainly not the first film about someone stranded at sea, so to get something slightly different is a big plus.

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Mia and her husband try to escape from a war zone, but their attempt is troubled. They get separated and Mia ends up alone at sea. She's locked up in a container and ready to give birth. That's when her survival instinct kicks in, and even though the conditions are terrible, she's determined to power through.

Mia's transformation from feeble victim to primal power woman is a bit sudden and her craftiness is a little extraordinary, but certain events at the end underline the semi-symbolic nature of the events. The lead performance is strong, Pintó makes great use of the limited location and there are more than enough tense moments scattered throughout. Very entertaining.