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I Love My Mum

2018 / 86m - UK
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A truly daft British comedy that is good for a couple of laughs. Don't expect any highbrow comedy or sophisticated jokes, I Love My Mum revels in its nonsensical plot and milks its moronic characters until there is nothing left. And truth be told, the film does the job remarkably well.

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Ron is fed up with his mom. When she has taken his cheese without asking, he drags her to the store to buy some new cheese. On the way there they have a fight, and they end up in a freight container. When they finally manage to get out, they are in Morocco, without any money or passports.

It's a film filled with caricatures, crude jokes and baffling plot twists, but all that is just part of the fun. It takes a little while to get going, but once the cringy duo arrives in Morocco the weirdness just keeps on piling up. Not a great film, but if you're looking for light filler this is a pretty solid option. If you care for this type of comedy that is.