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1930 / 75m - Soviet Union
Earth poster

Early Russia cinema is quite famous, especially with people like Eisenstein pushing the medium forward with their hyperediting antics. There is none of that here, Earth is a hardcore social drama, the kind of poverty porn I'm somewhat allergic too. The fact that it's a century old silent film didn't make things any easier.

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The film documents the tension between Russian farmers and collectivists. All is peaceful in the countryside, until the Russian farmers are forced to share everything they make with the rich kulaks. Vassily tries to oppose their oppressors, but as is the rule in any rich vs poor story, he'll be fighting an uphill battle.

As someone who doesn't really like social drama because of its lack of subtlety, the extremely expressive acting only add insult to injury. The music is way too present, the plot is basic, and the characters are simplistic caricatures. Even though the film is quite short, it was almost impossible to get through.