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Repo Man

1984 / 92m - USA
Crime, Sci-fi, Comedy
Repo Man poster

An odd little film that fully deserves its cult status. I went in blind, so I had absolutely no clue what to expect, though I'm quite certain that is the best way to approach this film. The first half is rather tame, but power through and you'll find it's merely a setup for a very strange and surprising second half.

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The film follows Otto, a young punk who gets fired from his day job and ends up working as a repo man. The world of repo men turns out to be quite peculiar and it takes Otto some time to get adjusted to his new colleagues. The draw of a strange, 20.000 dollar car with a lethal package in its trunk proves to be more than enough motivation to keep at it.

Even though Repo Man is somehow grounded in a gritty realism, there's an uncomfortable and creepy atmosphere that runs underneath. There are some supernatural elements, but they are few and far between. Between that and the weird characters tough, there's plenty of weirdness to go around.