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Save Yourselves!

2020 / 93m - USA
Comedy, Sci-fi
Save Yourselves! poster

A daft sci-fi comedy that examines what happens when two post-hipsters try to disconnect from the world and miss out on an alien invasion. It's a funny setup and the directors draw some good comedy from the premise, but they clearly struggled to keep the film funny and surprising.

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Jack and Su are trying to be a modern couple, but they're simply too wrapped up in their digital lives. They decide to leave all the tech behind and spend a week in a cabin upstate. The moment they leave civilization behind, furry aliens land on Earth and start taking over the planet.

Reynolds and Mani are a fun duo, but their characters are a little too one-note. The premise is fun, the effects are surprisingly decent and the first half of the film does feel original, but the second part is a bit too aimless, and the comedy becomes too repetitive. Not a bad effort, but the potential was there to do better.