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The Last Days

Los Últimos Días
2013 / 100m - Spain
Horror, Sci-fi
The Last Days poster

The Occupant

2020 / 103m - Spain
The Occupant poster

A solid thriller from the Pastor brothers. I've been keeping an eye on them ever since they released Carriers. While not modern day geniuses, they are young, talented directors who can deliver a fine genre film. The Last Days was a step up from them, so I was hopeful that The Occupant might continue the upwards trajectory.

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While a fine thriller, don't expect too much from this one. It's one of those films that comes with a relatively ingenious setup, but gets a bit overconfident and can't quite deliver on its promise. When everything starts fitting together a little too well and the plan ends up being a bit too convenient, a lot of tension goes right out of the window.

Performances are good but not spectacular, the script is fine but a little expected. The cinematography and soundtrack are polished, but hardly eye/ear popping. It's a film that doesn't have any overt flaws, but fails to excel at anything in particular. Solid genre filler in other words. Not bad, but it didn't leave a big impression.


2009 / 84m - USA
Horror, Thriller
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