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The Apology

2022 / 91m - USA
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A rather simple thriller that does a lot of things right, but fails to be very thrilling. With a moody setting, a small cast, and some old drama that resurfaces, all the ingredients were there for a tense little cult hit. Subpar actors and somewhat drab direction keep the film from greatness.

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Darlene lost her daughter 19 years ago and never recovered. The uncertainty of whether she might still be alive still weighs heavily on her. On the night before Christmas, an old acquaintance turns up out of nowhere. He slowly reveals that he might have more information about her daughter's fate.

The mystery element is a little too predictable, the performances aren't strong enough and the drama's a bit too thin to cover the 90-minute runtime. It's certainly not all bad, it's just that the potential was clearly there to do a lot better. Locke still has a lot of work if she wants to prove her worth.