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Bloody Hell

2020 / 93m - Australia
Horror, Comedy
Bloody Hell poster

A film that goes through great lengths to appear cool and edgy, but doesn't get there. Grierson clearly made an effort and there are parts of it that are really fun. Sadly, the comedy isn't always on the mark and the visual polish is somewhat lacking. Still, if you're looking for a quirky horror/comedy, Bloody Hell is worth a try.

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After spending 8 years in prison for going mental against a couple of bank robbers, Rex decides that he wants to move away and start his life anew. Of all the places he can go to, he picks Finland. When he arrives there, he becomes the target of a local family, who kidnap Rex and lock him up in their basement.

The editing isn't quite snappy enough, the gritty look comes off a little cheap and O'Toole isn't the best match for the main character. The song choices are fun (and funny) though and the finale ramps things up a notch or two. Bloody Hell is an amusing film, but the potential was there to do a lot better.


2011 / 108m - Australia
Adventure, Action
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