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1967 / 100m - Canada
Warrendale poster

A documentary that documents misery (or at least situations I find completely miserable). It's interesting in the sense that it does show something true and essential, it's just that I find no joy or worth in watching something like this for 100 minutes straight. The experience was pretty grating.

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The film follows 12 emotionally challenged kids and their caretakers in the Warrendale facility. Dr Fischer is the lead doctor who devised a special technique to treat the kids, but the results seem a little sketchy, and you don't really get too much insight into his practices, apart from what the camera registers.

The bottom line is that you're watching rowdy kids shouting for 100 minutes straight, while their caretakers try to calm them down with Fischer's approach. It's pretty harrowing and distressing, but it's also rather numbing and after a while I simply lost interest, which couldn't have been the point. Not my cup of tea.