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Bleed with Me

2020 / 80m - Canada
Thriller, Horror
Bleed with Me poster

A very simple mix of thriller and horror elements that thrives on mood. The build-up is just a bit too slow and the finale too soft to make a lasting impression, but Moses shows promise and it's a nice touch that the film doesn't come with any easy answers. Decent horror filler in other words.

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Rowan is invited to spend the week together with Emily and her boyfriend in a remote cabin. It's the ideal opportunity to take a little breather from life. As they get to talking, it quickly becomes clear that Rowan hides a somewhat dark past, though she's not really willing to speak about her issues directly.

Moses plays a guessing game, with Rowan clearly struggling with mental issues, though unwilling to tell or show what exactly is wrong with her. The two other characters are drawn into the mystery and the audience is left to its own device to figure everything out. If the atmosphere had been a bit stronger and more oppressive this might've been an impressive film, but I appreciated its intentions.