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I Could Never Be Your Woman

2007 / 97m - USA
Comedy, Romance
I Could Never Be Your Woman poster


1995 / 97m - USA
Comedy, Romance
Clueless poster

I finally watched this one, but was disappointed to find a rather tepid high school comedy. The performances are mediocre, the comedy lacked wit and the ending was terribly cheesy. I'm sure some people will appreciate this film as a relic of its time, but it has aged pretty badly and has few redeeming qualities.

Look Who's Talking

1989 / 93m - USA
Look Who's Talking poster

One of those films I watched as a kid but never bothered to revisit. You watched it because it aired on TV and that was pretty much the only way to watch movies back then. It's not a film worth rewatching either, as it has aged terribly and whatever gimmick was funny back then has long lost its appeal.

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Mollie is having an affair with a married man who won't leave his wife. Things get more complicated when she gets pregnant and faces the future as a single mom. The only man in her life is the cab driver who drove her to the hospital when she was about to go into labor. He takes an interest in Mollie and her kid, while she keeps on looking for a fitting dad.

The idea that the baby/toddler is commenting on the situation used to be quite funny, it just isn't anymore. Since the entire film rests on that single gimmick, there's not much left to enjoy. Travolta and Alley are pretty bad, the jokes are tiresome and the plot is negligible. At least it stopped after 90 minutes.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

1982 / 90m - USA
Comedy, Romance
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