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Alive and kicking



2021 / 111m - USA
Comedy, Drama
Moxie poster

A Hollywood rebellion flick. Poehler plays a mom who used to be a spirited activist and rebel, but who ended up like any other boring (single) mom taking care of her kid. Moxie feels like a film directed by that very character. It feels safe, uninspired and deflated, everything this film shouldn't have been.

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I'm going to guess Poehler/her writers aren't very in touch with the kids of today. That's probably why her character's daughter reaches back to her rebellious past and we end up with some sanitized punk kid who inspires a club of feminists, who sound a collection of average Twitter woke whines.

The direction feels flat, the performances are cringeworthy and the social critique is so on the nose that it's start to grate, especially since this film runs almost 2 hours long. It's a film that tries to be rock 'n roll, seemingly unaware that being rock 'n roll has been out of vogue for at least two or three decades. This was just painful to watch.

Wine Country

2019 / 103m - USA
Wine Country poster

A film about a bunch of 50-about women going on a trip to celebrate their friendship. Unless you share either age or gender with these characters though, I'm afraid there's just not that much here. The characters are irritating, the comedy is predictable and the drama is annoying. It's pretty horrible, which only one or two smirks along the way.