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She Dies Tomorrow

2020 / 86m - USA
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A somewhat questionable mystery. There are traces of other genres too, though it's hard to say how intentional they even are. You could discover bits of drama, horror references, some people even see comedy elements in it, but it could just as well be Seimetz's failed attempts to create an uncomfortable atmosphere.

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I do appreciate Seimetz dedication to creating something atmospheric and unique. The premise (about a fear of dying that appears to be contagious) is interesting enough and the meandering narrative isn't off-putting, but when it comes to creating atmosphere Seimetz simply plays it too safe.

The characters are flat and performances are mediocre at best, visually there are some interesting moments but they are few and far between. The soundtrack is too easy and not well integrated and the finale is a complete snooze. A cameo by Adam Wingard suggests that Seimetz is part of their clique, but She Dies Tomorrow is a far stretch from the films that put Wingard on the map. The potential is there, the result is disappointing.