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Don't Kill Me

Non Mi Uccidere
2021 / 90m - Italy
Horror, Romance
Don't Kill Me poster

A peculiar mix of horror and romance, with a strong focus on atmosphere, not so much on narrative and lengthy explanations. Just by watching you should get a pretty good idea of what's happening to the lead character, if you want the nitty-gritty about the actual lore than you might walk away disappointed.

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Mirta is a young girl who is head over heals in love with Robin. Robin is somewhat of a bad boy and when he convinces her to get high with him, they both end up dead. Not much later, Mirta crawls out of her grave, unaware of what is happening to her. When she starts to rot away, she instinctively understands human blood is the only thing that can save her.

One of the most remarkable things is the contemporary score. Combined with the stylish visuals, it makes for a very moody film. There is some gore, but not a lot, and the horror is rather subdued. The drama and mystery elements make up for that and turn this into an intriguing little trip. Pleasantly surprised.