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The Fugitive

1993 / 130m - USA
Thriller, Action
The Fugitive poster

A simple but decent 90s thriller. Somewhat surprisingly, Tommy Lee Jones is the star of the film and not Harrison Ford, who once again proves he's really not much of an actor, even in simpler roles. Director Davis does a decent job building up the tension and there are some nice chase sequences, though it never quite comes together to create something truly memorable.

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When Dr. Richard Kimble comes home one night, he finds a stranger in his house, his wife murdered. When the police comes down to investigate the murder scene, they arrest Kimble and place him under suspicion of murder. Kimble manages to escape, but he'll be forced to prove his innocence with an entire police force on his tail.

The Fugitive isn't a very complex film. After the initial setup, Ford spends the remainder of the film running around, inching closer and closer to the final reveal. There's never any doubt that the plot will be neatly wrapped up by the time the film has ended, even so, the road there is pretty amusing. Basic but decent filler.

Chain Reaction

1996 / 107m - USA
Action, Thriller
Chain Reaction poster

Above the Law

1988 / 99m - USA
Action, Thriller
Above the Law poster

Terribly cheesy action flick. The entire film is built around Steven Seagal, but his performance is dire. The action is bland, secondary roles are cringeworthy and the plot is dull. But the biggest problem is that the film takes itself way too serious, which just adds insult to injury. Crappy 80s action shelf filler, it's really not my thing.