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Lord of War

2005 / 122m - USA
Crime, Comedy
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It's been a while since I last watched Lord of War. I remembered it as a fun, smooth and cynical film about an arms dealer rising up from the slums to become one of the most influential dealers in the world. And that's pretty much what it is, it's just that Niccol's film isn't as cool anymore as it was 15 years ago.

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Yuri Orlov is a nobody. When he sees two gangsters killed in a local gang war, he realizes that weapons are always going to be a necessary evil. The fact that Yuri is quite the smooth talker certainly helps him get around, and within no time he sets up a profitable business. His wife is smart enough not to ask too many questions, but it's only a matter of time before Orlov's job catches up with his private life.

Cage is perfect for the part, the dialogues are pleasantly cynical and Orlov's rise to the top is pure entertainment, without taking away from the more serious undertone. The film's a little long and repetitive though, and visually it's not quite as hip as it used to be. Still a good film, but no masterpiece.

In Time

2011 / 109m - USA
Sci-fi, Thriller
In Time poster


2018 / 100m - USA
Sci-fi, Thriller
Anon poster

Could've been made as part of the Black Mirror series, since it borrows its brain hacking hang-up. It's a simple piece of tech doom with slightly better production values, but in the end it's quite dull as it slavishly follows the current scifi hype. A film that goes through the motions, nothing more.


1997 / 106m - USA
Sci-fi, Thriller
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The Host

2013 / 125m - USA
Adventure, Sci-fi
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