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Alive and kicking



2022 / 103m - USA
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A film with potential. It's a shame it felt a bit too much like a 90s TV thriller. There are some elements that try to set it apart, like Hall's performance and the somewhat more graphic ending, but these bits aren't poignant enough to carry the film by themselves, and in between, there's just too little to keep things interesting.

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Margaret is a single mom who takes good care of her daughter while being a respected colleague at work. She hides a dark secret though, and when that secret finally comes back to haunt her, Margaret can feel the control she nurtured so delicately slipping away through her fingers. If she doesn't deal with her past, all her hard work may have been for nothing.

Hall's performance is very good, Roth on the other hand isn't nearly as creepy or menacing as he should've been. The build-up of the tension is decent, but not overly convincing and the presentation feels a little bland. It just wasn't enough to keep me glued to the screen for the entire runtime.