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Venom: Let There Be Carnage

2021 / 97m - USA
Action, Fantasy
Venom: Let There Be Carnage poster

Venom really is just more superhero nonsense, but there is a little twist that helps to set it apart from most Marvel/DC films. Not enough to make it a good franchise, but at least it doesn't feel like a film that's been rechewed for the past two decades. This sequel is even slightly better than the first one.

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Venom and Eddie are still together, even though their relationship is pretty bumpy. When Eddie is contacted by Carnage, a famed serial killer, something goes wrong and part of Venom becomes part of Carnage. He uses his new superpowers to break free from his prison and wreak havoc unto the world.

The comedy is a bit awkward and Harrelson is a mediocre bad guy, but the film is short, well-paced and quite chaotic (in a good way). It's nice to see a film like this commit to a more outspoken and well-defined style, rather than try to be everything at once. It's still not great, but definitely more amusing than most others in the genre.


2018 / 104m - UK
Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Mowgli poster

Serkis' version may not having singing bears, but it does feature talking animals. A damn shame for a film that tries to deliver a somewhat darker and more mature version of Jungle Book. The fact that the animation is rather poor and that the character designs are completely off doesn't help either. Pretty bad.