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Blow Job

1963 / 35m - USA
Blow Job poster

Andy Warhol may be a famous artist, not that many people know he also directed several films. Then again, watch a couple of them and it will all start to make sense. His work is rather experimental, the kind that tries to stretch the limits of cinema as far as possible, to the point where it's bordering on/crossing over into art installation territory.

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Blow Job is definitely one of those projects. It's a 30-minute film comprised of a single shot (and some repeats) of a man's face who is supposedly receiving the titular treatment. I say supposedly because the camera never moves an inch, and we never get to see anything more than his facial expressions. That's it, just 30 minutes of that.

While I don't mind experimental cinema, I'm not a big fan of conceptual films. The kind that explore the medium itself, or the viewers' reaction to the medium. The length of this film is supposed to allow people to deep dive into these things, but I really don't need a film for that, especially not one as lazy and repetitive as this one. A lot of expensive words (and even books) have been written about Warhol's Blow Job, so it definitely got some people thinking, personally I think it's trash and a waste of time.