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Alive and kicking



2020 / 90m - USA
Thriller, Mystery
Run poster

A very decent Munchausen by proxy inspired thriller. Run is certainly not the first of its kind, also not a film that is trying to push the boundaries of the genre, but if you're looking for quality filler thrillers this is exactly the kind of film that will disappoint few people, which is also worth something.

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Chloe was born too early, because of that she suffers from several illnesses and conditions. Her mom takes good care of her, she even homeschools Chloe. When one day she comes home with a new medicine, Chloe begins to suspect something is off, and she launches an investigation to find out what the pills are for.

The first half is by far the most interesting. As long as the mystery remains intact, there's enough tension to keep you on the edge of your seat. Once the twists and reveals start rolling in, the film loses steam, not in the least because there's nothing particularly original about the revelations. The presentation is pretty decent but nothing noteworthy, the same goes for the performances. Not a bad film, solid entertainment, but a bit light.


2018 / 102m - USA
Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Searching poster

What starts as an effective screen-centred mystery thriller becomes an overly convoluted mess. The first hour or so is solid though somewhat generic fun, what follows next after feels forced and unnecessary. It's not a terrible film and it does make a few astute observations, but it could've used a better ending.