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Taiwan - 69 years old
Alive and kicking
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One of the few Taiwanese directors who made it in the US. Personally I'm not a big fan of Lee's overly sentimental and often garish style, but he's proven himself a popular director in many genres, so at least he's worth a try.


Eat Drink Man Woman

by Ang Lee
Yin Shi Nan Nu
1994 / 124m - Taiwan
Comedy, Drama, Romance
Eat Drink Man Woman poster

Gemini Man

by Ang Lee
2019 / 117m - USA
Sci-fi, Action
Gemini Man poster

Plot, sci-fi elements and drama all are kind of mediocre, but the film has a handful of truly outstanding action scenes that make it very watchable indeed. The CG to create Smith's younger self isn't flawless, but isn't really distracting either. A pretty decent blockbuster, especially with Lee directing, but nothing truly great.

Life of Pi

by Ang Lee
2012 / 127m - USA
Drama, Adventure
Life of Pi poster

Lust, Caution

by Ang Lee
Se, Jie
2007 / 157m - Taiwan
Drama, Thriller
Lust, Caution poster

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

by Ang Lee
Wo Hu Cang Long
2000 / 120m - Taiwan
Action, Adventure
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon poster

Pushing Hands

by Ang Lee
Tui Shou
1992 / 105m - Taiwan
Comedy, Drama
Pushing Hands poster

Taking Woodstock

by Ang Lee
2009 / 120m - USA
Comedy, Music
Taking Woodstock poster

The Wedding Banquet

by Ang Lee
Xi Yan
1993 / 106m - Taiwan
Comedy, Romance
The Wedding Banquet poster

Brokeback Mountain

by Ang Lee
2005 / 134m - USA
Drama, Romance
Brokeback Mountain poster


by Ang Lee
2003 / 138m - USA
Sci-fi, Action
Hulk poster

Early Marvel film, directed by Ang Lee. It's an impossible match of course, as a result the film is terrible. Lee lacks the skills to make a fun and frivolous superhero flick, Marvel lacked the budget to make it at least some kind of technical feat. It's long, badly acted, boring and way too serious.

Sense and Sensibility

by Ang Lee
1995 / 136m - UK
Drama, Romance
Sense and Sensibility poster