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2022 / 100m - USA
Sci-fi, Adventure - Animation
Lightyear poster

It's nice to see Pixar finally taking some risks, even when most people's reaction is clearly not all that positive. It's just another indicator that people generally deserve all the sequels and reboots thrown at them. Not only is Lightyear only tangentially related to the Toy Story series, it's also a much more straight-forward animated sci-fi flick. A fun surprise.

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Lightyear is the film that inspired the Buzz toy production from Toy Story. It's a film about a group of Space Rangers who get stranded on an alien planet fraught with dangers. Buzz becomes the test pilot for an experimental type of fuel that should get them off the planet, but each test propels Buzz four years into the future, and progress is slow.

There's still some typical Pixar comedy present, but much less so compared to their other films. Their signature baseline contradiction is also absent, which is a big relief. Not that Lightyear is hardcore sci-fi, but it has the basic genre beats down and the film delivers a fun space-based adventure. A pleasant surprise. Oh, and if you're wondering about that "kiss", grown up people should be ashamed of themselves to even make an issue out of such a minor, throwaway moment.

Finding Dory

2016 / 97m - USA
Adventure - Animation
Finding Dory poster