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The Love Witch

2016 / 120m - USA
Horror, Romance
The Love Witch poster

There is no denying that Biller's The Love Witch is extremely effective in what it sets out to be. You may be excused for thinking this film was actually made in the 60s. The crisp image quality could be attributed to a recent remaster, apart from that everything in this film really looks the part. That's cool ... if you like the 60s.

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My problem with The Love Witch is that it is too faithful to its source material. The murders are extremely lame, the pacing is sluggish and the practical effects look worse-than-CG fake. Once the Thunderbirds effect wore off, there wasn't much to keep me interested, which isn't good for a film that lasts 120 minutes.

Biller also had something to say about feminism and the male/female divide, but that's only worthwhile if the film itself works. After about half an hour, I'd pretty much had it with The Love Witch. Robinson's performance is good and it's impressive what Biller achieved on a limited budget, but the film itself is just dull.