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The Boxtrolls

2014 / 87m - USA
Fantasy - Animation
The Boxtrolls poster

On a technical level The Boxtrolls is an absolute masterpiece. The whole film looks lavish from start to finish.

Open Season

2006 / 86m - USA
Adventure, Comedy - Animation
Open Season poster

Another drab US animation, though Sony does a slightly better job than their DreamWorks competitors. While the difference is overall small and Open Season is just as annoying as most other films in the genre, the slightly more abstract visuals gives the film a bit more character. That at least is something.

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It's still very loud and obnoxious though. Almost every character seems to be suffering from ADD. Even though these films are short in general, they still manage to tire me out really quickly. It also doesn't help that the jokes are tiresome and most of the action feels copied from other, better films.

I'm sure Open Season is okay for its target audience, the fact that it spawned several sequels indicates it was at least a financial success. I just wish they'd go for a different type of comedy, slow things down a little (as they do a couple of times, to good effect) and deliver a film that aspires to do more than rile up kids at a birthday party.