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Alive and kicking
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The inoffensive


2019 / 147m - USA
Horror, Mystery
Midsommar poster

Aster returns with a slightly better attempt at horror. Even so, his grave and serious approach doesn't really fit the sometimes hilarious pagan antics. There are some fun and memorable scenes in here and Aster at least tries to add some originality to his film, but the results is still a little too muddled and half-hearted for my taste. Not a bad film, just not worth all the accolades.

Worthy but flawed


2018 / 127m - USA
Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Hereditary poster

Hyped horror films, you better come prepared. Some mediocre drama, horrible overacting and slow pacing are used to stall a pretty standard horror affaire. Not quite sure what made this so scary to so many people, but I found it to be pretty dull and by the numbers. Not at all worth the hype.