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The Timekeepers of Eternity

2021 / 64m - Greece
Horror, Experimental
The Timekeepers of Eternity poster

A weird little experiment. Director Maragkos took The Langoliers mini-series (based on a Stephen King novel), condensed it, threw some visual effects on top, messed with the score and editing, then called it a day. It's a genuine remix, not something very common in the world of cinema, this film didn't convince me it should be.

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A plane is flying to Boston. The passengers that fell asleep wake up to an empty plane. They have no clue where the rest of the passengers and crew went, they can't contact anyone on the ground and pretty soon some of the remaining people start to turn against each other.

I like the idea of a remixed film, in principle. It's just that I found the execution to be incredibly poor and lazy. The effects look cheap, they are incredibly repetitive and they aren't transformative enough. I wasn't a big fan of the mini-series, but this film did nothing to improve on it, except limit the runtime. I'd call it a failed experiment, but I'd love to see other (more skilled) directors have a go at it.